Forum Presents Research at MI-AIR

John and Aurora

Researchers from the National Forum traveled to Frankenmuth, MI, to present research at the Michigan Association for Institutional Research Annual Conference on November 3, 2011.  The content of their presentation was the Forum’s recent national study of admissions and financial aid practices affecting immigrant and undocumented students, which was funded by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation.  The team split their presentation into two parts: (Part 1) Inconsistency and lack of transparency in policies and practices affecting postsecondary access for immigrant and undocumented students: A national research study and its implications; and (Part 2) Roadblocks to transparency: Who is hurt by inconsistency and ambiguity?  Forum presenters at the conference included: John Burkhardt, Ph.D.; Angela Vidal-Rodriguez; Joanna Frye; Aurora Kamimura; Kim Reyes; and Omar Hussain.

The Forum attendees enjoyed the opportunity to present our research to institutional researchers, an important group of higher education professionals responsible for collecting and sharing institutional data.  Their perspectives on the issue of undocumented students and higher education enhanced the Forum’s understanding of the practical implications of our research study and will be very valuable as we continue to share our findings with other researchers and administrators.

The Forum would like to thank the MI-AIR Steering Committee, who generously awarded a $100 scholarship to each of our graduate student presenters to help defray the conference costs.  We are grateful for their financial support and for providing us with an opportunity to share our research.


Kim and Aurora





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