National Forum Partners with Carnegie to Perform Strategic Communications and Network Analysis with Kellogg Fellows

The National Forum will partner with the Carnegie Foundation to perform a strategic communications and network analysis with KFLA (Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance).

Amy Puffenberger, Project Manager at the National Forum, reports that KFLA uses algorithm-based social networking to map communications trends.  According to Amy, KFLA will contact the members of the National Forum’s network and conduct a communications survey to better understand and construct a sophisticated communications and networking infrastructure for ongoing and future Forum work.

Amy suggests that “we want to reach those people who are ‘hubs,’ or have numerous contacts in the network, and get them involved (in the work at the Forum).”

The National Forum has already compiled a database of local, national, and international collaborators and contacts in an effort to organize the numerous partners and allies accrued over the years.  This database will be the first step towards a more sophisticated understanding of the National Forum’s network – an understanding that KFLA will seek to expand on.

Dr. John Burkhardt, director of the National Forum, has extensive experience collaborating with KFLA.  For seven years he worked for the organization as program director for leadership and higher education.  As he states in his biography on the Forum’s website, he “led several major initiatives focused on transformation and change in higher education and participated in a comprehensive effort to encourage leadership development among college students.”  KFLA serves as a “network hub” connecting fellows and alumni, providing leadership development programs and opportunities for 1,500 fellows, as stated on their homepage,

Regarding the current collaboration goals, Burkhardt explains that KFLA and other leaders met January 21-23 “to review patterns of interaction and communication and to launch several experimental projects to determine if the frequency or intensity of collaboration can be increased through planned interventions.”

“The Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance (KFLA) is using a sophisticated method of social network mapping to analyze patterns of interaction between individuals selected and trained by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through various leadership programs over thirty years,” Burkhardt explained. “This initiative is part of a long commitment by the Kellogg Foundation to optimize the impact of their grant making through innovative use of technology.”

The National Forum is eager to continue to build connections and utilize the resources and connections it possesses to maximize the reach and impact of its research.  The network analysis will be an invaluable building block for the uLEAD Network, an online resource for higher education leaders experiencing opposition related to undocumented students.




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