Understanding Your Purpose: A National Forum Success Story

Raquel Welch Johnson (left) Promoting College Access in Detroit

Throughout life we are all tasked with dilemmas regarding our reasoning for existence.  Discovering your life’s purpose isn’t always easy, and getting some insight as to your purpose can certainly help you get some focus and clarity on your path.  No matter what culture, race, religion, or gender, we all have had that one time where we ponder the following questions: “What is my life’s purpose?”  “How do I know what it is when I find it?”

For most this may seem like a daunting task but for Raquel Welch Johnson that reflection served as her chance to find an opportunity for her to fulfill her life’s purpose.  Ever since Raquel began volunteering  and assisting underrepresented youth throughout the Metropolitan Detroit school system, she realized that her deed to society was to increase the number of underrepresented students that attended college.  She understood that the students that she worked with had the desire to attend college but had little community support needed to successfully turn their dreams into reality.  Then Raquel was afforded the opportunity to join the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good.  The National Forum aims to significantly increase awareness, understanding, commitment, and action relative to the public service role of higher education in the United States.  Those aims clearly aligned with Raquel’s purpose and she joined the team as a College Coaching Corps (CCC) member in September of 2011.  As a CCC member Raquel serves as an advocate, student recruiter, and program coordinator for the National Forum outreach partnerships; this position allows her to work for a Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) school in Detroit.  Raquel  is currently working at the Detroit Community High School.

Although Raquel is able to achieve her purpose in life through her CCC member position, she credits her experience in the nonprofit sector with being extremely beneficial in preparing her to be an effective worker for the Brightmoor Alliance.  She truly is confident in her skills to assist the Brightmoor Alliance in their community endeavors and understands that this position requires her to be patient, tactful, and able to maintain numerous tasks at once.  Raquel recognizes that it is her duty to recognize the social injustice and inequality woven so deeply within the fabric of our society and strive to promote social justice, as well as empowerment to oppressed and marginalized students. She is the voice for those students that have no opportunity to stand up for their greater good, through her position she will unite the Brightmoor community and provide their students with outlets for empowerment.  Furthermore, with continued support and assistance from the National Forum Raquel hopes to continue to live out her purpose in life, while motivating and providing urban communities with an opportunity to initiate social change.



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