National Forum Legendary Musician Update: Drew Murray

Drew Murray, a National Forum legendary musician, has quickly found success since graduating from the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education in 2011.  He currently works as a strategic operations manager at the Michigan Health Council.  In this role, Drew is responsible for helping the group’s president understand the future direction of the health care industry, identify new opportunities to advance the organization’s programs, and create strategies to pursue those opportunities.  Working at the Michigan Health Council might not be the most obvious career choice for someone who graduated with degrees in public policy and higher education administration.  As Drew explains, though, the CSHPE prepares students to lead in many types of institutions, not just colleges and universities, and his internship at the National Forum, working on the Finance and Stewardship team, helped him to understand the complexities of pursuing new opportunities.

While earning his dual degree, Drew concentrated in Philanthropy, Advancement, and Development (PAD).  He describes that the concentration was great at outlining the “attitude and aptitude” necessary to work in the advancement field.  He says that this environment is “dynamic because people, politics, and power are always involved when individuals, or groups or grantees, are vying for a limit set of resources.”  Drew feels that he PAD concentration gave him the formal training he needed in order to be successful in managing those dynamics.

According to Drew, another major benefit of the CSHPE is that its faculty and staff instill in students a sense that the University of Michigan is a place that can help solve society’s problems, and he enjoyed working at a high level at Michigan.  “The experts, resources, and peers required to participate at this level surround and support incoming students.  I also believe that the CSHPE remains humble enough to learn from experts in other departments and universities, which helps conduct better research and positively impact people’s lives.”

For students entering the CSHPE or another graduate program, Drew offers some advice.  “Students must not be intimidated, use each day as a learning opportunity, and have fun.  Graduate school is a unique opportunity to expand your skill-set under the guidance of faculty members that can help ease the difficulties inherent in such growth.  Graduation comes quickly, so work hard to find what your unique contribution to society is and make it happen!”



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