Blogpost: My National Forum Experience

My name is Alexandra Goltz and I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan.  I am a dual-major in Communications and Sociology, and until almost a year ago, I was uncertain about how I could connect my two areas of study.  Here at the National Forum, I have had the great opportunity to intermix Communications and Sociology as a member of the Communications Team.

I began working at the National Forum in January 2012, after meeting with our founder, John C. Burkhardt Ph.D.  He informed me more about the mission of the National Forum and the projects the graduate students were ambitious enough to tackle.  At first the atmosphere was overwhelming.  I was an undergraduate, unsure about where I wanted to go with my career path, unconfident in my writing abilities, and overall intimidated by the aspiring minds surrounding me.

I jumped right into my role on the Communications Team by writing the “values” page for the National Forum website, and surprised myself when my brief write up was approved and published.  I continued with small assignments and have worked my way up to even assist in managing the website.  As I continue to tackle new and greater tasks, I realize I have not only improved my writing and communications skills, but my sociological mind has been stimulated by the many inspiring projects here at the National Forum to provide an overall greater access to higher education.

I am proud and lucky to call myself a member of the National Forum team.  Each and every individual in this group is unique, encouraging, and enthusiastic about their work.  I may still be an undergraduate, and unquestionably unsure about my future career path, however I am no longer intimidated.  I am inspired by my fellow teammates and realize that I have learned more in my short time at the National Forum than I ever thought possible.  I know no matter where life takes me, this experience will be invaluable and one of the greatest components of my college education.



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