Monthly Archives: February 2013

By Amicia Bowman Latinos are the fastest growing population of non-whites in the United States.  To be a Latino is to be a person of Spanish descent who is born in the United States.  The term “Latino,” however, is understood by most people, both Latino and non-Latinos, to be a term for “anyone who is […]

By Amy Puffenberger So often, our perceptions of reality and the world that surrounds us, our very culture, is formed and influenced by the messages we see in the media.  Some may argue that these messages are harmful, others helpful, some educational, but most often so many messages are, at the very least, impactful.  Media […]

By Lara Kovacheff Badke, Doctoral Candidate – Higher Education Higher education plays a major role in shaping our society’s leaders.  College students spend a considerable amount of time engaging in both explicit (classroom experiences; service-learning) and implicit (team projects; holding down a job while juggling school responsibilities) forms of leadership development during their college experience.  […]

By Sarah Erwin One of the core foundations of the United States is the idea of “the American Dream.”  This American Dream is something that I recall being pounded into my head every year in elementary school.  After a course on philanthropy, my opinion of the American Dream has changed quite drastically from the one […]

By Dan Parrish, C.S.C. To anyone who follows the National Forum online it is no secret that we have been substantially engaged in studying undocumented student access since 2007.  I recently had the privilege of presenting some of our findings at the annual conference of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) in Washington, […]

By Kyle Southern Nearly all Americans believe in the importance of higher education to enable social and economic mobility, but they carry deep concerns about its affordability and the ability of people with jobs and families, but no postsecondary credential, to complete their degrees.  These findings are included in the recently released report by the […]

By Esmeralda Hernandez Whether it is the community of Detroit or communities of higher education professionals, university-community partnerships is an important part of what we do here at the National Forum.  While much of our community engagement and many of our external partnerships come naturally, we should not underestimate the value of grounding our partnerships […]