Creating a Community Asset Map: My Experience with Brightmoor

Deonte Howell

Portfolio photoWhile working at the National Forum, I have had the opportunity to engage in the Brightmoor project, which works to create resources and dialogue within the Brightmoor community in Detroit.  My specific assignment was to assist with the completion of the Brightmoor Community Asset Map.  The idea behind the Community Asset Map is to create a booklet that allows community members to locate various services that might assist them in reaching their educational or professional goals.

While working on this project, I had the chance to contact various nonprofits in the Brightmoor neighborhood so that I could learn about their programs.  Then I worked on compiling the data from each nonprofit about their programs into a spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet is meant to be a guide to the Communications Team as they work on developing an actual map.

Overall, this was a very rewarding project for many reasons.  The primary reasons are that I enjoy doing work that will better the community, and because I previously have had multiple opportunities to work directly in the Brightmoor neighborhood.  This project, once completed, will allow for the residents of Brightmoor to be more aware of the resources available to them.