Interview with a Graduate: Amicia Bowman

Amicia Bowman

Amicia BowmanWhat was your most memorable moment at UM/the Forum?
My most memorable moment at the Forum was when I was applying to post graduation jobs and needed people to look over my resume and cover letters. My co-workers were very helpful, willing, and quick when I asked if they could look over my drafts. Also, I will never forget and will always appreciate how much Amy Puffenberger has helped me and supported me in my academics, career background, and interests. She bought me chocolate cake the last day of my senior year!

What was your greatest achievement at UM/the Forum?
My greatest achievement is in the works and it will be writing the interim and final reports for the Hope Village Initiative.

What was your biggest take away from UM/the Forum?
The Forum, by far, has been the best workplace for me. The atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly.

What advice do you have for future students at UM/the Forum?
Use your resources in the office, ask questions, take initiative, and know that learning is what life is all about.

What is your favorite part of UM/the Forum?
I love the team meetings because that is when everyone can catch up with each other and when we can voice our thoughts about a project, grant, idea, etc.

What are your future plans and how did UM/the Forum contribute to that?
Thanks to the Forum, I have applied to several jobs on campus and have received interviews. The Forum has given me the opportunity to expand my networks and gain the skills needed to write reports, proposals, and manage an office. My future plans are to get a Master’s in Social Work.