Interview with a Graduate: Marisol Ramos

Marisol Ramos

Marisol-small.What was your greatest achievement at UM/the Forum?
I am happy with progress related to the uLEAD project and believe that while there is still a lot of work to be done with the website, the uLEAD Network has the potential to support the work of the Forum but also support access for undocumented students.

What was your biggest take away from UM/the Forum?
My biggest takeaway was to be fearless and continue learning from all my experiences (whether good or bad). I think you always come out a little wiser if not stronger.

What advice do you have for future students at UM/the Forum?
Be curious and thoughtful. During many brainstorming meetings, I often found myself incredibly challenged at an intellectual level. I took every opportunity and free time (Ha!) I could to explore new topics I found interesting and learn something new each day. I also think its important to remember to be thoughtful. Everybody is incredibly busy, often juggling work, family life and schoolwork among other things. A thank-you would go a long way. Cookies or being a good listener are also very much appreciated.

What is your favorite part of UM/the Forum?
At the Forum, I always felt incredibly blessed to be working with so many talented folks who were as passionate about not only the issue of undocumented students but were committed to the mission and values of the National Forum.

What are your future plans and how did UM/the Forum contribute to that? 
I am currently working with the Michigan Department of Education until September. I am excited to take the next couple of months to figure out next steps, including continuing my education.