By Nabih Haddad The following blog post is an adaptation of a forthcoming article titled “ORDER, DISCIPLINE AND EXIGENCY: The Convergence of U.S. and Cuban Education Policy in the Service of Labor Market,” by Larry Catá Backer and Nabih Haddad, due out in 2013. Part 1 Post-secondary education has been shifting from a teaching based […]

On Thursday evening, November 17, 2011, the National Forum joined the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan for the second in a three part series examining public education.  Tonight’s focus was on higher education, and gave special consideration to the challenges and opportunities faced by institutions of public higher education in the state of […]

Abstract In this research study, we examined the curricular and co-curricular careers of 23 selected undergraduate students at the University of Michigan to determine whether the choices they made could be grouped into coherent pathways that advanced the students toward a set of desired learning outcomes related to preparing students for life in a diverse […]