• Aug 5, 2013
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The roots of our connection to Brightmoor began with our initial reflections regarding the importance of college access in communities across the state of Michigan.  When we decided to research the benefits of having a college degree at multiple levels of analysis, we began by examining the decision-making process that Michigan students and families go […]

Deonte Howell While working at the National Forum, I have had the opportunity to engage in the Brightmoor project, which works to create resources and dialogue within the Brightmoor community in Detroit.  My specific assignment was to assist with the completion of the Brightmoor Community Asset Map.  The idea behind the Community Asset Map is […]

In partnership with Michigan Campus Compact and the Brightmoor Alliance, the National Forum helped establish the Brightmoor College and Career Access Network (BCCAN).  Brightmoor Alliance is “focused on mobilizing resources to help ensure a vibrant community where residents can pray, grow, learn, thrive and play.” The Community Engagement Team continues to work with the Brightmoor […]

Over the past couple years, the National Forum has partnered with leaders of the Brightmoor community, a neighborhood in the northwest region of Detroit, to promote and establish a college access network for Brightmoor youth and adults.  Assisting in this task is Raquel K. Welch-Johnson, an AmeriCorps member within the Mentor Michigan College Coaching Corps […]

Researcher Spotlight: Kai-lynn Rim (Editor’s note: Because of the National Forum’s long-term commitment to collaborating with the residents of the Brightmoor neighborhood, and owing to the distinctively action-oriented nature of our research in the community, Jana has decided to frame this article as a narrative.  Hopefully this captures not only the considerable accomplishments of the […]

The National Forum’s Access to Democracy project brought together community leaders, local residents, and civic organizations across the state to discuss college access and educational attainment. This project outlines the knowledge gained in working in Brightmoor and other Michigan communities with the support of the Kettering Foundation. It describes the evolution of the work in […]

By Lara Kovacheff Badke, PhD What’s your image of Detroit?  Is it of the city’s revitalization?  Does the word ‘Detroit’ conjure up impressions of urban energy, young creative talent, a vibrant riverfront, and trendy neighborhoods?  If it doesn’t, your image of Detroit might be outdated.  Or it might be based on negative and inaccurate portrayals […]

For the last year, Raquel Welch-Johnson has been the National Forum’s Americorps member working in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit.  Raquel has been working on numerous projects to build a college-going culture.  As Raquel completes her Americorps service, she says that leaving is bitter-sweet.  “It’s hard to believe that the year is already over.” At Youthquake, a neighborhood block-party […]

Throughout life we are all tasked with dilemmas regarding our reasoning for existence.  Discovering your life’s purpose isn’t always easy, and getting some insight as to your purpose can certainly help you get some focus and clarity on your path.  No matter what culture, race, religion, or gender, we all have had that one time […]

Through over a decade of collaboration, the work of the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good has been deeply influenced by the mission, goals and especially the insights that we have received from the Kettering Foundation.  Through our work together we have improved our shared understanding of how community organizations, universities, and […]