Forum Director John Burkhardt was recently a guest of the Kettering Foundation for their 2012 Winter Retreat. The event was recently written up in Kettering’s newsletter, The Commons:

Through over a decade of collaboration, the work of the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good has been deeply influenced by the mission, goals and especially the insights that we have received from the Kettering Foundation.  Through our work together we have improved our shared understanding of how community organizations, universities, and […]

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The roots of our connection to Brightmoor began with our initial reflections regarding the importance of college access in communities across the state of Michigan.  When we decided to research the benefits of having a college degree at multiple levels of analysis, we began by examining the decision-making process that Michigan students and families go […]

In partnership with the Kettering Foundation, the National Forum is exploring the relationship between universities and their surrounding communities as a collaboration in increasing educational access and attainment.  This project is an extension of the National Forum’s continuing work with the HOPE Village Initiative (HVI).  In our work with Focus: HOPE, as we seek to […]

In partnership with the National Issues Forums (NIF) and the Kettering Foundation, the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good at the University of Michigan is hosting a training session based on the national deliberative dialogue model supported by the Kettering Foundation, entitled “Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education help Us Create […]

By Silvena Chan At the Kettering Foundation last week, I doled out my usual uncompromising suggestions about community accountability: that it should be at the forefront of any institution or organization community engagement work.  I meant it, and I still mean it when I assert that constant commitment to accountability is the only way to […]

The National Forum’s Access to Democracy project brought together community leaders, local residents, and civic organizations across the state to discuss college access and educational attainment. This project outlines the knowledge gained in working in Brightmoor and other Michigan communities with the support of the Kettering Foundation. It describes the evolution of the work in […]

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our funders, and their generosity and support of our work. Below is a list of our previous funders. For more information on specific funded projects, please visit our Funded Projects page. To view our current funders, visit the Current Funding Partners page. Previous Funders American College Personnel Association American […]

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Institutional Engagement Study With generous support from the Ginsberg Center, we investigated faculty perspectives about higher education engagement in the Brightmoor neighborhood in Detroit. Faculty members, students, and staff working in the region were interviewed about their experiences and those have been compiled to inform a better understanding of impact and university partnership collaboration.  This […]

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In Access to Democracy: Attitude Change, Policy Impact, and Universities’ Role in the Deliberative Dialogue Process, prepared for the Kettering Foundation, National Forum researchers consider the link between the public and higher education institutions. Thanks to several grants by the Kettering Foundation and its partner organization, the Council on Public Policy Education (CPPE), this is […]