We caught up with Legendary Musician, Nate Mueting, on his National Forum experience and his future plans. Read on to see where he’s off to next!  What brought you to have an interest in the field of philanthropy in the first place?  I had always had an interest in the administrative side of higher education, […]

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our funders, and their continued generosity and support of our work. Below is a list of our current funders. For more information on specific funded projects, please visit our Funded Projects page. To view our previous funders, visit the Previous Funding Partners page. Current Funders Carnegie Corporation of […]

Recently, this article in the Charlotte Observer regarding a new scholarship program for undocumented students came to our attention. The news article discusses the inability of undocumented students to receive any federal financial aid because they are not American citizens. Because most of these students come from low income backgrounds, it is almost impossible for them […]

National Forum researchers and our actionable research have broad influence, appearing around the world and across the internet.  Read more about the impact our work is having on the world. 2015 Coming Soon 2014 Diverse Issues in Higher Education  ¦ November 6, 2014              A Lifetime Calling 2013 The Michigan […]

Over the past couple years, the National Forum has partnered with leaders of the Brightmoor community, a neighborhood in the northwest region of Detroit, to promote and establish a college access network for Brightmoor youth and adults.  Assisting in this task is Raquel K. Welch-Johnson, an AmeriCorps member within the Mentor Michigan College Coaching Corps […]

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In the spirit of our mission to promote awareness, understanding, commitment and action in a changing pluralistic democratic society, the National Forum takes an approach in its leadership development and community service that foregrounds the community’s agency in creating change.  We are convinced that for community building to be sustainable it must be rooted in […]