In 2007, the National Forum, in partnership with a number of key stakeholders across the country, launched a national effort to focus attention on educational opportunities for immigrant and undocumented students. Employing the University of Michigan’s visibility in the area of educational diversity and its location in the Midwest, the initiative could situate immigration as a national […]

The overarching goal of this initiative is to foster conditions that enable all capable students the opportunity to access higher education. Unaligned policy, systematic barriers to opportunity, and polarized public discourse have resulted in large numbers of Latino, immigrant, and undocumented students being denied access to a college education. Our work focuses on identifying, addressing, […]

The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good has partnered with the Carnegie Corporation of New York to investigate institutional practices and policy responses on the educational access of immigrant and undocumented students. Research, capacity building, and coalition strengthening will serve to inform policies and practices at institutional, state and federal levels regarding […]

By Angela Vidal Rodriguez Last October 31st , during the World Series Championship Parade, San Francisco Giants baseball player Sergio Romo sported a blue T-shirt that proclaimed, “I Just Look Illegal”.  According to NBC, his critics were wondering “if the message was appropriate, and they didn’t like that such a big sports star would use a […]

By Kyle Southern As the baby boom generation moves into retirement, immigrants and their children will account for the entirety of U.S. labor force growth between 2010 and 2030.  A recent report by the Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education (CCCIE) cites this finding of the Migration Policy Institute to highlight the importance of improved […]

Kimberly Reyes, Graduate Student Research Assistant, represented the National Forum at “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant: A Policy Perspective.”  The event took place on February 21st at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at University of Michigan.  “The presentation explored public policy related to undocumented immigrants, specifically with regard to the personal […]

Title: Reconciling Federal, State, and Institutional Policies Determining Educational Access for Immigrant and Undocumented StudentsLocation: ASHE Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, Westin Hotel 212 ABLink out: Click hereDescription: The Forum’s Lara Kovacheff Badke, Noe Ortega, Angela Vidal-Rodriguez, and Chris Nellum present at ASHE 2011.Start Time: 12:45Date: 2011-11-17End Time: 14:00

Title: An Examination of Community Colleges’ Policies and Practices Related to Access for Undocumented Immigrant StudentsLocation: ASHE Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, Westin Hotel 211 ABLink out: Click hereDescription: The Forum’s Joanna Frye and Kimberly Reyes present at the 2011 ASHE Conference.Start Time: 9:15Date: 2011-11-18End Time: 10:30

On November 25th 2011, an 18-year-old high school student from Mission, Texas, Joaquin Luna Jr., took his own life. Joaquin was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents when he was a 6-month old infant. He had dreamed of becoming the first in his family to attend college, but after realizing that […]

The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good has hosted four webinars through the uLEAD Network, each addressing a different aspect of postsecondary access and support for immigrant and undocumented students. These webinars are an important part of our outreach, education, and advocacy efforts: they allow a national audience to learn from our […]