What were you doing before you came to the National Forum? I was working as a program specialist at the Office of New Student Programs at U of M. Prior to that, I was working on my M.A. in Student Affairs at Michigan State University. What made you decide to come to the University of […]

The National Forum has released a comprehensive report funded by the Texas Guarantee Loan Corporation (TG) examining institutional behavior related to state and federal policies regarding undocumented students. “We created a survey examining institutional behaviors regarding undocumented students.  Our partners at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) and the National Association […]

On Thursday evening, December 8, 2011, the National Forum joined the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan for the third in a three part series examining public education.  The focus of the third panel was public education for the higher good. The distinguished eight-member panel was moderated by Dr. John Burkhardt, director of the […]

Title: An Examination of Community Colleges’ Policies and Practices Related to Access for Undocumented Immigrant StudentsLocation: ASHE Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, Westin Hotel 211 ABLink out: Click hereDescription: The Forum’s Joanna Frye and Kimberly Reyes present at the 2011 ASHE Conference.Start Time: 9:15Date: 2011-11-18End Time: 10:30

Researchers from the National Forum traveled to Frankenmuth, MI, to present research at the Michigan Association for Institutional Research Annual Conference on November 3, 2011.  The content of their presentation was the Forum’s recent national study of admissions and financial aid practices affecting immigrant and undocumented students, which was funded by the Texas Guaranteed Student […]

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Are you a Legendary Musician doing exciting new things? Drop us a quick line and let us know what you’re up to; we just might feature you in a future blog post! Many students are drawn to the National Forum by the sense of community that is shared among members.  Though we do not have […]