Gina Gallagher What was your most memorable moment at the University of Michigan or the National Forum? The most memorable experience I had was working on the Once Upon a Time grant process. This project was undertaken through UM and CSHPE by way of Dr. Burkhardt’s philanthropy class. Everything from class discussions and picking nonprofits […]

Amicia Bowman What was your most memorable moment at UM/the Forum? My most memorable moment at the Forum was when I was applying to post graduation jobs and needed people to look over my resume and cover letters. My co-workers were very helpful, willing, and quick when I asked if they could look over my […]

By Amy Puffenberger So often, our perceptions of reality and the world that surrounds us, our very culture, is formed and influenced by the messages we see in the media.  Some may argue that these messages are harmful, others helpful, some educational, but most often so many messages are, at the very least, impactful.  Media […]

By Amy Puffenberger One might say that the very mission of the National Forum, The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good will significantly increase awareness, understanding, commitment, and action relative to the public service role of higher education in the United States, is rooted in communications. Much of the mission’s key components […]

The National Forum will partner with the Carnegie Foundation to perform a strategic communications and network analysis with KFLA (Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance). Amy Puffenberger, Project Manager at the National Forum, reports that KFLA uses algorithm-based social networking to map communications trends.  According to Amy, KFLA will contact the members of the National Forum’s network […]