By: Jeremiah Thompson I recently had the opportunity to listen to a panel of experts discuss potential ideas to aide low-income students attending (or aspiring to attend) higher education institutions.  Susan Dynarski, a professor with the Ford School of Public Policy and the School of Education, proposed simplifying the FAFSA. She cited studies showing that [...]

While looking back at my previous blog post that I wrote shortly after arriving at the National Forum, I realized how many new skills I have actually gained since starting in May. I will be graduating from the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education in December and I’m on my way out [...]

Whenever I return home to my Holy Cross community at Notre Dame, someone inevitably asks that most fateful of questions, “So, when are you going to finish this degree?!” Actually, many of my brothers ask that question, sometimes even those whom I have chastised in the past for committing this egregious sin of putting a [...]

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According to recently released U.S. Census data compiled by the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project, the higher education enrollment rate of 18- to 24-year-old Latino high school graduates reached 49 percent in 2012, surpassing that of White high school graduates for the first time. However, there are numerous reports that indicate that although Latinos [...]

The National Forum is proud to announce the advancement of John Feldkamp in his career as Associate Director of the Honors College at Eastern Michigan University. With his drive and devotion to higher education, he achieved a rapid ascension from his position as Assistant Director on the technical staff to the administrative position he holds today. Having graduated from [...]

By Dr. Betty Overton, Ph.D.   A response to “Has Higher Education Lost Control Over Quality?” by Ellen Hazelkorn Chronicle of Higher Education, May 23, 2013 In our society and indeed in the world, higher education is still one of the primary doors through which citizens move to achieve personal intellectual growth, to prepare for a [...]

Amicia Bowman What was your most memorable moment at UM/the Forum? My most memorable moment at the Forum was when I was applying to post graduation jobs and needed people to look over my resume and cover letters. My co-workers were very helpful, willing, and quick when I asked if they could look over my [...]

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With generous support from the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, this study was undertaken during a pivotal year in modern U.S. higher education history. We conducted our analyses of revenues and expenditures at the end of a decade (1999-2009) during which colleges and universities experienced enormous financial challenges and just as the national economy was [...]

By Sarah Erwin One of the core foundations of the United States is the idea of “the American Dream.”  This American Dream is something that I recall being pounded into my head every year in elementary school.  After a course on philanthropy, my opinion of the American Dream has changed quite drastically from the one [...]