On November 25th 2011, an 18-year-old high school student from Mission, Texas, Joaquin Luna Jr., took his own life. Joaquin was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents when he was a 6-month old infant. He had dreamed of becoming the first in his family to attend college, but after realizing that […]

Last week, I had the opportunity to present alongside valued colleagues from the University of California Berkeley and Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) during the annual conference of NASPA – Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education. Our presentation, “Institutionalizing Support for Undocumented Student Success” provided national context for the educational imperative colleges and universities face to […]

Months of planning came together this past Tuesday with the National Forum’s webinar on the subject of Holistic Support for Undocumented Students in a Rapidly Changing Policy Environment. The webinar was a collaboration between the National Forum and several cosponsor organizations: the National Center for Institutional Diversity, the Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education (CCCIE), […]

If you missed the webinar, you can check it out in a couple of weeks at uleadnet.org. Thank you to all our participants, presenters, and partners!

Whenever I return home to my Holy Cross community at Notre Dame, someone inevitably asks that most fateful of questions, “So, when are you going to finish this degree?!” Actually, many of my brothers ask that question, sometimes even those whom I have chastised in the past for committing this egregious sin of putting a […]

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By Dan Parrish, C.S.C. To anyone who follows the National Forum online it is no secret that we have been substantially engaged in studying undocumented student access since 2007.  I recently had the privilege of presenting some of our findings at the annual conference of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) in Washington, […]

By Dan Parrish, C.S.C. Undocumented student access to higher education is a particularly hot topic in late 2012.  It is an issue that is not necessarily bound by partisanship, with post-election calls for comprehensive immigration reform coming from both the right and left.  Each year roughly 65,000 undocumented children graduate from secondary schools in the […]

In 2007, the National Forum, in partnership with a number of key stakeholders across the country, launched a national effort to focus attention on educational opportunities for immigrant and undocumented students. Employing the University of Michigan’s visibility in the area of educational diversity and its location in the Midwest, the initiative could situate immigration as a national […]

The overarching goal of this initiative is to foster conditions that enable all capable students the opportunity to access higher education. Unaligned policy, systematic barriers to opportunity, and polarized public discourse have resulted in large numbers of Latino, immigrant, and undocumented students being denied access to a college education. Our work focuses on identifying, addressing, […]