Beth Talbert

Special Instructor
Oakland University

Beth Talbert (M.A., Bowling Green State University) is a special instructor at Oakland University. She teaches Group Dynamics, Gender Communication, Leadership, Women in Leadership, Persuasion, Professional Communication and Interpersonal Conflict. She is especially interested in the ways women both inhabit and experience leadership. Beth also serves as the Chief Academic Adviser for the Communication Program. As a Trustee of the Rochester Community School’s Board of Education, she has twice served as board president. She also serves as a director on the Women Officials Network, an organization that serves elected women within the Oakland County area, and was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Greater Rochester Community Foundation. In 2013 Beth was invited to join a delegation of county leaders who traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. Beth is an adjunct faculty member for the Michigan Association of School Boards and is also a frequent presenter and trainer on campus and in the community.