Take Action

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Take Action

The National Forum’s mission statement focuses on a four part model of change: Awareness, Understanding, Commitment, and Action. 

We believe that our efforts to research and understand issues necessarily draw us into action.  Please join us in taking action through one of the following methods, or email us at nationalforum@umich.edu and suggest other ways we can create change through knowledge and awareness building.

Recommended Action Steps:

  • Assess your community’s resources and organizations dedicated to promoting access to higher education for all capable students
  • Attend or plan local events in your community that address access to higher education and creating community around a “college-going” culture
  • Make it easy for a variety of community members and audiences to participate in a community dialogue about college access through a multiple-platform approach
  • Work with members of your community to create a “College Access Night” for students attending local K-12 schools to learn about the necessary steps to attend college
  • Become a mentor to students in your community around college access and success
  • Be sure you are well informed during elections, so that you can make informed choices about issues affecting higher education
  • Educate yourself about the societal benefits of an educated populace