Emarely Rosa-Davila

Assistant Professor of Social Work and Social-Community Psycholoy
Universidad del Este

Emarely Rosa-Dávila is a higher education instructor and administrator in the field of clinical social work for undergraduate and graduate programs. As a subject matter expert and practitioner in the field of social work and social-community psychology, she’s committed to research in the field of mental health public policy and sports psychology. Currently, she is the Community Engagement Office Coordinator in Universidad del Este (UNE). She is the chair of UNE’s service-learning program and is developing a community service and a voluntarism program. Additionally, she coordinated the Psychology and Public Policy Committee for the Puerto Rico Psychology Association (APPR). As a social worker, she has experience working on clinical–community setting with children, adolescents with severe mental health disorders and their families through the Wraparound best practice in a System of Care project in Puerto Rico, sponsored by Children Mental Health Services (CMHS). Currently, she is the Chair of the Ethics Commission of the Colegio de Profesionales de Trabajo Social de Puerto Rico.