IMG_7133Perhaps the greatest strength of the National Forum is our sense of community.  Everyone is valued as a part of our team: undergraduates, staff, graduate students, doctoral students, and faculty members.  The National Forum culture also includes active engagement with “legendary musicians” who are former students and colleagues who are now working in the field of higher education.  There are currently over 200 “legendary musicians” working in colleges and universities, policy roles, and foundations throughout the world.

Our sense of community transcends the walls of our humble office space and includes friends and collaborators from across the country and around the world.  And our website offers us an opportunity to invite even more people into our community and our work.  While it is likely impossible to fully capture the intangibles that knit us together, it is our hope that our website and social networking tools will enable us to engage many more in the unique and powerful community spirit of the Forum.  Please join us – you are most welcome!