Take Action

Take Action

The National Forum’s mission statement focuses on a four part model of change: Awareness, Understanding, Commitment, and Action.

We believe that our efforts to research and understand issues necessarily draw us to act.  Please join us in taking action through one of the following methods, or email us at nationalforum@umich.edu and suggest other ways we can create change through our knowledge and awareness building.


Recommended Action Steps:

  • Learn more about the ways your organization reaches out to the community
  • Learn more about the DREAM Act and the consequences of it passing or not passing.  What other alternatives exist that would enable the United States to provide a just and equitable response to the situation of undocumented students?
  • Pursue funding that will enable further research to inform the public dialogue on undocumented students
  • Attend local events in your own community that address this and other situations regarding access to higher education
  • Be sure you are well-informed during elections, so that you can make informed choices about this and other higher education access issues
  • Educate yourself about the societal benefits of an educated populace.  What difference does it make if all members of a diverse population have the opportunity to pursue higher education?


We also encourage you to visit the uLEAD Network, an online platform for leaders in higher education to network with others in addressing complex issues of access and diversity in modern higher education.