Higher Education Access Convening – 2011

May 16-17, 2011
Higher Education Access
Lumina Foundation
Indianapolis, IN

The National Forum has launched  a series of focused conversations, which have been organized by local institutions paired with influential national partners. We have promoted this series of meetings by providing modest seed money and organizational support. We have focused on three important determinants for change:

1. Legislation and policy at the state and federal levels which support higher education inclusion for immigrants and undocumented students.

2. Institutional practices, especially at higher education’s boundary functions (admissions, financial aid, communications, leadership) that promote access and graduation.

3. Awareness, understanding and commitment to education as a public benefit and building public will to support access through investment and policy. The history of progress that has expanded participation in U.S. higher education makes it clear that change must occur in all of these areas if nominal access is to be sustained in new patterns of genuine opportunity.