Leaders and BestMost of the work we undertake at the National Forum is focused on leadership, sometimes explicitly, often implicitly.  Because we are a part of the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (CSHPE) at the University of Michigan, we are an academic unit that is focused on creating leaders for higher education and society.  We take this responsibility very seriously and give great attention to the development of leadership among all who are affiliated with the Forum.

Beyond the general commitment to leadership development, we also engage in a number of projects that are explicitly focused on leadership.  This is often where students who are concentrating in Organizational Behavior and Management (OBM) find themselves making a real connection between their coursework and their Forum research.  Often our leadership projects are embodied as consultancies for units within UM, or for organizations outside of the university.  We leverage our knowledge of organizational behavior to help others understand the challenges and opportunities within their own institutions, and we translate research findings into practical tools for organizational change.

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Our Method:

The Forum operates according to our dialogic model of change:

National Forum Dialogic Model

  • To stimulate awareness of the issue, the National Forum hosts convenings around important issues such as undocumented student access to higher education.
  • To better understand the issue, the National Forum engages in research around topics such as servant-leadership among faculty and university chaplains.
  • To create commitment for the issue, the National Forum brings together leaders and organizational scholars from around UM and from partner organizations to brainstorm ways we can create better organizations and better prepared leaders.
  • To inspire action on the issue by leaders and practitioners in higher education, the National Forum seeks and creates projects (funded and unfunded) to give people leadership experience.