Take Action

NF conveningTake Action

The National Forum’s mission statement focuses on a four part model of change: Awareness, Understanding, Commitment, and Action.

We believe that our efforts to research and understand issues necessarily draw us into action.  Please join us in taking action through one of the following methods, or drop us a line and suggest other ways we can create change through our knowledge.

Recommended Action Steps:

  • Learn more about the ways your organization reaches out to the community
  • Pursue funding that will enable further research on servant-leadership and issues of leadership in higher education
  • Sign up for the National Forum newsletter
  • Participate in a leadership seminar or workshop
  • Volunteer to be a mentee or mentor to someone in the field
  • Research non-profit organizations in your community and learn about their funding structure
  • Investigate new trends in the field of philanthropy such as “crowd funding”
  • Find ways to get involved with projects that support higher education for the public good