Annotated Bibliography Project

An Overview

This annotated bibliography project was spear-headed by a team of researchers at the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good. The project was designed to become a key resource for a community of scholars who are invested in research and practice that centers on the value of higher education to society. The bibliographies listed have been updated to include resources published as recently as the year 2006.

The Process

The initial phase of this project included defining the literature search process, determining which categories would be used to organize the literature of higher education for the public good, clarifying key concepts related to the categories, and mapping existing literature into the categories. This process facilitated our understanding about existing literature as well as indicated the importance of filling the literary gaps.

Connection with the National Leadership Dialogue Series

An important objective for the project was to align this work with the National Forum’s National Leadership Dialogue Series. The Dialogue Series was a sequence of discussions that took place in Southern California, Minnesota, and Maryland from April 2001 through November 2002. During this time, more than two hundred association representatives, college and university officials (presidents, deans, and provosts), faculty, graduate students, legislators, foundation executives, and community leaders assembled to assess the state of the relationship of higher education and society as well as plan the future relationship between higher education and society.

By aligning the National Leadership Dialogue Series and the Annotated Bibliography Project, the National Forum has been able to achieve a coherent sense of significant literature on higher education for the public good and has enabled the support and guidance of a cadre of committed individuals who are highly invested in higher education’s commitment to society.

Annotated Bibliographies

Civic Education (PDF file)

Equity (PDF file)

Faculty Barriers to Civic Engagement (Word document)

National Development (PDF file)

Service Learning (PDF file)