Community Change and Partnership

Institutional Engagement Study

With generous support from the Ginsberg Center, we investigated faculty perspectives about higher education engagement in the Brightmoor neighborhood in Detroit. Faculty members, students, and staff working in the region were interviewed about their experiences and those have been compiled to inform a better understanding of impact and university partnership collaboration.  This research resulted in a conference with faculty, students that showcased university practice throughout the region and community expectations.

Community Perspectives

Until recently, community perspectives on university partnership have rarely emerged in the research on partnerships. In our work with the Kettering Foundation, we have researched community perspectives to bring their expectations and perspectives to the forefront of the partnership process.  Communities have diverse experiences working with students, faculty, and administration, and when given the opportunity they can help a partnership to grow and truly fulfill the democratic mission of higher education.  Click here to better understand the community-articulated expectations of the university in partnership.

Community Dialogue

Our work to highlight community voices often brings us in to communities to facilitate or organize dialogues about pressing issues in education.  We have worked with the Midwest Higher Education Compact, the Kettering Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the State of Michigan to bring together community members for deliberation about complex educational issues.