Project to Promote the Collective Impact of a National Partnership Formed to Assure Educational Opportunities for Latino, Immigrant, and Undocumented Students

The overarching goal of this initiative is to foster conditions that enable all capable students the opportunity to access higher education. Unaligned policy, systematic barriers to opportunity, and polarized public discourse have resulted in large numbers of Latino, immigrant, and undocumented students being denied access to a college education. Our work focuses on identifying, addressing, and influencing those conditions necessary to support inclusive policies and practices that are critical to opening access to more undocumented and immigrant students in more institutions across the country. We intend to build public will and fulfill our strategy of creating a sphere of influence to increase educational attainment levels by encouraging practices consistent with educational values and public good, aligning policies and encouraging leadership that support access, identifying and responding to barriers, and bridging national networks with coordinated strategies and activities designed to increase educational access and success. This project runs from 2012 to 2015 and encompasses original research design, data collection, analysis, dissemination, networking, communication, convenings, and alliance building with such groups as college presidents, admission counselors, general counsel, independent colleges, community colleges, and religiously affiliated institutions.