Pursuing a Diversity Agenda in Higher Education After Fisher v. University of Texas Case

Affirmative_Action_supreme_court_demonstration_2003The United States Supreme Court’s decision in Fisher v. University of Texas represents a milestone in the history of higher education’s role in advancing social progress in this country. In recent decades, institutions have shaped and pursued admissions practices and policies that enabled them to build a diverse student body. The educational and developmental benefits of diverse communities have been well supported by a broad and deep research literature, just as they have been experienced by generations of college students. Now, institutions are faced with the need to re-examine their approaches to ensure a diversity agenda in American higher education in way that meets the boundaries of the law and our Constitution. The resources and informational pages included here intend to provide institutional leaders with tools and guidance as they consider the implications of Fisher on their campuses. This decision is noted as an important part of this country’s evolving relationship with race and opportunity for social advancement through higher education, and institutional leaders remain at the forefront of preserving higher education’s social mission in the context of current law.

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Read the Court’s Decision:

      • Full text of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Fisher v. University of Texas case issued June 24, 2013


Recommended Resources:


Background Information:

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